1. Some great tips here – thank you! I was once given some advice to get some really nice lingerie that makes me feel sexy (seeing as my daily underwear is very practical but not that pretty). If I’m feeling tired and not in the mood, to take a moment freshen up my face, spray some nice perfume and put on the nice lingerie. It’s amazing what a difference it can make to your energy and ability to be more proactive during love making.

  2. I enjoyed your post immensely. I am a mother of 12, on the tail end with a 10 year old…And what you said still applies.. Go girl! Lori

  3. We do a lot of casual touching. Just a brush on his arm or running my fingers through his hair lets him know I love him and prepares me for more intimate touching later on.
    Also, after giving birth to 4 babies, my self image isn’t what it used to be. But I try to remind myself that his desires are for me. And I’m his only option (biblically speaking). So, just knowing he wants me helps.

  4. Oh man. This post is so valuable and practical. I’m right there with you – Steve working long hours as we run our business and neither of us having energy at the end of the day. I’ve known I need to make it a priority, but actually making it happen us harder than it seems. Your suggestions are so helpful, Kayse.

  5. Kayse. You are so well-written and brave. Thank you for this post, and for the reminder that we’re not alone in our exhaustion and fight for good marriages.

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