1. Thanks for this wonderful printable! Do you know how to print these cards in 4×6? Like 4 pages in 1? Im trying to print them but they are letter size and it’s too big for what I want to make. Thank you 🙂

    1. If you set your printer to print 4 to a page, they should work perfectly!

  2. I love the idea for themed days. That is a perfect way to make the summer more fun and less stressful. (visiting from WFMW)

  3. Oh how I wish there were a lot more moms blogging back when my kids were still young. I’d love to have gotten all the tips and advice. Back then scheduling activities with the kids was unorganized with me. It was more of what popped into my head.

  4. This is an amazing printable! Love the lazy Monday idea!

  5. I love this idea of assigning each day to a particular theme and activities. I can see this helping keeping things fresh and exciting all summer long. I need to plan something similar to go along with our days at home this summer. Thanks for the idea and inspiration Kayse!

  6. Kayse – you have the right idea! Structure with flexibility…I would love to do this before the summer slips away! June is already full with camps and a trip for a family wedding, but July and August are open and it is sooo hot here. Fun plans will chase away the doldrums. Imitation is the highest form of flattery: I might do a Lafont version!

  7. This may never happen in my house, but oh my word, it’s my dream come true. I love this!! (And I am going to give it a try later in the summer – after summer school and vacation are over!)

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