1. We love the Slugs and Bugs CDs at our house, especially the Sing the Bible CDs. They help the kids (and me) learn Bible verses so we have God’s Word in our heart and on our lips all day long.

  2. Robin DeSpain says:

    I know this is an older post, but I just found it on Pinterest. I’ll share a resource I love: The Children’s Songbook
    There are a lot of basic fun kids songs (and it’s all free & searchable for topics) on https://www.lds.org/music/index/childrens-songbook/topic?lang=eng

    I know it’s a different sect of Christianity, but these are universally basic. I loved them as a kid and my littles enjoy them too. Thanks for the list.

  3. We also love Seeds! My son listens to one of their CD’s nearly every night as he falls asleep. we already have 2 Seeds albums and love them! Love that it’s music all of us can enjoy.

  4. Great ,, Thanks for sharing

  5. Christina says:

    We love Slugs & Bugs, too, but our absolute favorites are from Sovereign Grace Music – “To Be Like Jesus”, “Awesome God”, “Walking with the Wise”, & “The Ology”. The Church at Brook Hills kids’ music is excellent, as well! If you’re looking for something more mellow, the Scripture Lullabies volumes are impossible to beat. The wonderful thing about all of these albums is that they are edifying for adults, too!

    1. I haven’t heard of those – I’ll look them up! Thank you!

  6. Never heard of seeds! Looking forward to checking it out!


  7. OH! Those are great suggestions – you might want to check out Slugs and Bugs – GREAT original music. My kids love it – and my husband and I love them as well! http://www.slugsandbugs.com 🙂
    Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Talk!
    -Sarah (co-host)

  8. I had a bunch of Wee Sing tapes when I was a kid. I never thought to look for them on cd! We have that Veggie Tale cd and love it! Well, until the end of the 3hr drive and my husband had me go to the store and buy something else for the ride back home. lol.

    At home, we do a lot of Pandora, both kid stations and a classic-ish country station (I refuse to call George Strait and Randy Travis classic because that makes me old).

    (visiting from Frugal Friday)

  9. Laurie Berkner – good action, running around songs. Abby really liked her music.

    Randy Kaplan – some weird stuff but funny. Mike REALLY likes “No Nothing” by him. Some of the lyrics: “And he was climbing halfway up my window curtain
    And he was reaching out with his paw
    And his claw was treacherously close
    To the Chagall lithograph I inherited from my grandma”
    Can you see why he likes it? 😉

    Trout Fishing in America (yes, that is the band’s name) “The Window”, “Proper Cup of Coffee”, “18 Wheels on a Big Rig”

    Milkshake – Abby liked them starting when she was about 5.

    Billy Jonas (no relation to the brothers) – “What kind of cat are you?”, “Knock Knock”

    Barenaked Ladies has a kids album (might need to worry about explaining the band name…) “Crazy ABCs”

    They Might Be Giants kids albums are fun. Slightly off the wall too. I like the ABC one. “Go for G!” and “E eats Everything”. They sing stuff for Disney, too – HigglyTown and MM Clubhouse

    Would you like our old Wiggles CDs? You know, I really did enjoy their music. I liked they had a variety of styles of music and harmonies and that they did it well.

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