1. Bold truth, lovingly spoken.

  2. I find our celebration of sin on this issue no different than our celebration of murder, whether it be abortion or euthanasia. It’s a very sad state how enamored our nation is with sin.

    Great writing! Thank you for being brave.

  3. JoEllen Silvas says:

    I’m not part of this group because of having small children my two are grown, however I do have grandchildren and there Christian and spiritual values are of great importance to me. I appreciate someone like you stating the God honest Gospel Truth. I don’t watch the news either but that’s because it’s too upsetting to to t 🙂 and you for your boldness.

  4. Seems like I might be at least a week late to add my word to this discussion, but I somehow surfed onto your site for the first time today, and this topic caught my eye. When I saw the flag in the picture, I thought it might be about this issue. And . . . I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    If a person’s sexual preference is genuinely for someone of their same sex, that person is in the same situation as a straight single woman who never receives a marriage proposal. They are neither one free to participate in sex. So I’m not ready to say that being a homosexual is a sin, but acting on that desire certain IS a sin. I think that the Bible supports that view. But of course, no one is ever stating it in these terms because of the worldly idea that it’s apparently impossible for anyone, gay or straight, to have enough self-control to totally abstain from sex if they’re not married. We must teach and share the truth and take a stand on these issues.

    So I’ve said all that to say this: Thank you very much for your insightful article! I’m glad I happened by. Your blog is lovely!

  5. You have so many great points here!

    Yes, truth offends. Truth doesn’t lie. We need to speak the truth in LOVE.

    Thanks for linking up at Tuesday Talk. I am featuring your post tomorrow.

  6. Wow! Amen! Wow again! Very well spoken/written! Bold too…God has used your voice. Very happy you linked up with us at Tuesday Talk to spread the message that many need to hear.

  7. Thank you for confirming why I value your blog. Well written.

  8. I think you are right. We need to spread God’s word with love and understanding. We all need to pray for our nation, and our world.

  9. This is so perfectly said and I agree 100%!! You are a gifted writer!

  10. I see your point here. I would personally like to note that though many Christians believe and agree with what you’ve said, this country’s political arena should not be about one religion or another. This can be said about many other issues that are political which, in my personal opinion, should not be. In other words, whether I (or anyone else, for that matter) agree with homosexuality, it is also not our duty to attempt to regulate individuals’ personal lives.

    What and how we choose to live in each of our individual and personal/familial lives should not determine the next person’s choices. In other words, homosexuality nor marriage (between any persons) shouldn’t be a political issue to begin with. Just because I think and believe one way does not inherently give me a right to impress that upon anyone else….

    Just my two cents. I do think you have a well written post with you views, which is ok by me 🙂

  11. Thanks for your boldness Kaysee. It’s a sensitive issue, but there’s no question where the Bible stands on it. The one thing that disturbs me in this is not that non-Christians celebrate… they don’t know. It’s that a Christian, who claims to know God’s would celebrate this. I want to take them by the shoulders and say, “Don’t celebrate… weep for our nation!”

  12. I really appreciate your bolded list at the end of this post of what we will do and what will not do. This post excellently sums up what the bible says about this very relevant issue- very clear on the sin, and very clear on our call to love and pursue all people for Jesus. Thank you!

  13. I typically don’t like to leave comments that say nothing more than “great article” but since my head is swimming in prescription meds at the moment (persistent Bronchitis) I’ll just say… great article, thank you.

  14. Monica C. says:

    Beautifully written. The more you are in Gods word and the more you choose to walk & talk with Him the more you see there is no room for hate or anger towards people or any of Gods creations.

  15. Valerie Blauser says:

    Beautifully written Kayse!

  16. Amen! We need to stand loud and proud!

  17. I am so taken back, I wish you were here so I could hug you. You make me proud and your words are put together with so much heartfelt meaning. Good for you Kayse !! You know your Mom so well. She would be in tears right now, feeling that she did a good job in teaching you. She would be very proud.
    We all need to hear more of this. And this country needs the conservative people to stand up and vote against the liberal views.

  18. AMEN!! This is exactly how I feel. Thank you so much for speaking the truth so well and with such grace and compassion!! <3

  19. This is well-written. We need this in the discourse. I don’t want to hear the angry, hateful side of Christianity any more than I want to hear the twisting of God’s word by the other side. What we need is Truth. God’s Word is it’s own best defense. I am thankful for your post. Good job! 🙂

  20. Denise Reed-Greiner says:

    Great job Kayse!

  21. I’ve been disheartened this past week with the comments and postings by those I’ve known to be Christians who claim to follow God’s Word. Thank you for remaining true to the TRUTH!

  22. Truth! Spoken beautifully well said!

  23. Thank you for speaking God’s Word…wonderfully written!

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