1. Stephanie Callahan says:

    I needed to read this today! Glad you posted it in your top 10 posts email, so I could stumble across it when needed most! 🙂

  2. Thank you. I really needed this!

  3. Love your heart here—it is good to be truthful and transparent. God honors your humility and honesty. And it is so good to bring a message of HOPE – God has been teaching me about that too!

  4. I needed this today. I’m running on empty. I have severe reactions to bug bites and currently have over 20 on my legs and feet alone (bugs really like me). It’s severe enough that it keeps me from sleeping and I’m in pain for days. So today has been rough as I’m in pain and incredibly tired. My 3yr old is bugging me. Not because of her, but because of me. I have not been the mom I should be today…or a lot recently if I’m being honest. I’m quite horrible at asking God to intervene with my attitude and behavior. (visiting from WFMW)

  5. Hey Kayse,

    I came over today on Raising Homemakers, and I’m glad to find your site. I also followed you on Twitter and Pinterest and pinned your photo here: https://www.pinterest.com/melredd/blog-link-parties-and-blog-link-ups/

    What an honest and sweet post. I appreciate the way you share your heart when you write. And, I’m glad you got some time away to rest and be with Jesus. We do need Him, don’t we.

    And, don’t you love that He has unfailing and abounding grace for us – no matter how much we blow it as moms! (I’m more of an eye roller and a user of much sarcasm! Still learning to be patient with my 2 college kids!)

    You keep going girl. You are doing great. And, you sound like a wonderful mom~

    Blessings to you,

    1. Thank you so much! And I’m an eye-roller too. 😉

  6. Thanks so much for writing these beautiful words. I really needed this today!

  7. This is a fantastic read. I know that I need this reminder often. I struggle with patience which then translates to yelling in my home. Thank you for the reminder that through Him all things are possible, even an immediate change in demeanor.

  8. I love this and I love you. Thank you for this deep-seeded reminder. Pray for me, friend? To fall back in ‘like’ with my precious kids? And sometimes my husband? Grateful for you.

  9. Dori Davis says:

    Yes. Amen. Thank you.

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