1. I can’t even express how much I love this post!! You perfectly hit the balance between valuing the divinely important role of motherhood and the need for the other facets of a woman’s identity. Bravo! I will be sharing this on my blog, Facebook, and Pinterest!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! I love your heart for Motherhood – while also keeping a healthy perspective on other important areas of life as well! Thank you for sharing your heart!


  3. I’ve been a mother for over two years now. I’m a working mom, but as much as I’ve been able to, I’ve thrown myself into that. It hasn’t been healthy for me, my marriage, or our kids. I am learning I need to step back and remember that I was someone else before kids and I was someone’s wife before kids. I so need this.

  4. It’s as though you knew exactly what I needed to hear! As my youngest slowly becomes more independent I’m finding the ability to set goals and dream again, and it’s hard to find ourselves after giving so much of ourselves for so long. I’m right there with you! Thank you for this wonderful post.

  5. I love, love, love this!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Love. Needed the reminder that I still am those other things I used to be. It’s so very easy to feel one dimensional and not worth much when all your life consists of is cooking, cleaning, breaking up kid squabbles, baths, chauffeuring, laundry and then doing it all again. Never with enough sleep. 🙂

  7. I really enjoyed this post. As women, we go through so many different seasons in our lives and sometimes get lost in just one. It’s amazing how The Lord uses each one, however, to prepare us for the next. May we always remember the blessings of the roles we are called to fill in order to bring glory to His name.

  8. “As I settle into motherhood, I’m realizing that I’m more than just one thing. I can’t be everything, but I’m not just one thing, either.” —> YES! I love this post, friend.

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