1. I keep hoping someone will develop a decent calendar app to do exactly this! Nice workaround!

  2. Milena J. says:

    No, I do not like having a schedule like this… I have tried several times in the past and it just does not work for our family. When / if I fall behind, I feel like a complete failure and then I feel guilty. I end up racing around like a frenzied mad woman trying to play catch up just so I am back on track with the schedule. I also do not like “scheduling” in “time” with my kiddos. The beauty of being a stay at home / homeschooling mama is that I have this beautiful time together with my children, and the freedom to enjoy that time together, unscheduled. As it is, I think our society is way too over-scheduled and I firmly believe that is something we need less of, not more of… just my two cents 😉

  3. I would totally do that if my schedule were consistent week to week, which it’s not. 🙁 may have to find some way to modify that idea. Awesome idea!

  4. Slapping forehead! Wow, what a great idea! Thanks!

  5. Very nice – and you broke it down into such easy steps! Thanks for the reminder that organization increases my productivity! 🙂

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