1. Nellie J. says:

    Nope. Been there. Jealous, too, of my husband just being able to make a doctor’s appointment when needed — me? I better double-check first who can watch the children during that time…

  2. I have to be honest. When my kids were really little, I had to have gall bladder surgery. I was excited because they were going to put me out and I could sleep! When I came home I knew others would watch my kids and I’d just get to sleep! It’s kind of sad when you want to be hospitalized so you can rest! lol

  3. You know, that works both ways, we husbands/fathers get jealous of what you Mom’s are doing also.
    There are many days where we are jealous of the time you get to spend with the kids while we are out working and away from the family. Just keep in mind that you women are nurturing and bring joy into the home.
    I don’t know if women understand how much joy they bring into the home. Now as for getting rest, here is a suggestion.
    There is a saying someone wrote, I don’t remember who, maybe Benjamin Franklin, it goes something like this.
    “Don’t stand when you can sit and don’t sit when you can lay down” meaning get rest at any small moment that shows an opportunity to rest. Naps are great, even for only 10 minutes.
    All my love, Dad

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