1. Hi Kayse,
    I understand the need for a filter on my To-Do list, in fact I love it! But, I am struggling with identifying my priorities. I end up with way too many priorities, making nothing important and filtering nothing out. Some of the trouble is outside expectations: gift giving holidays, HOA requirements, etc.

    1. Oh I totally get that. Sometimes everything feels important!! Have you tried our S.O.S. Planner? We’ve got prep pages that we call “Reflect + Refresh” where each year, quarter, and month we help you identify your priority for that season. I’d start there, if you’re looking for a tool to help you!

  2. Have you thought of creating digital versions of your planners and printables for use on Kindle Scribe and other e-ink devices? They’d have to include multiple copies of the pages so we wouldn’t have to send every page to our device separately. For those of us who choose not to use physical books and paper!

    1. We actually provide all the planners JUST as printable, digital versions! You can choose between printing them at home OR using them on a device. We have many customers who use the planner on an app like GoodNotes, so you can write directly on it using your Apple Pencil, etc. It works great for those who would rather plan digitally!

      1. Cheryl Hulseapple says:

        OK! I’ve seen your new SOS planner today and I’m super interested. It looks amazing! I see that you provide instructions for printing. Does that include how to combine pages into a PDF version?

        1. Yes! We actually have a bonus training on how to combine PDFs to create your perfect planner. We’ve gotcha covered!

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