1. Jaimie Ramsey says:

    Yup. I am right there with you! The best way for me to get Bible study done every day, at this stage of life (with a 2.5-year-old and an almost-one-year-old) is for them to watch a “Jesus video” (Hide em In Your Heart, Psalty, or Veggie Tales are our favorites!) while I drink my coffee and do Bible study. We’re all together at the table, they’re usually eating their breakfast at the same time, and they’re learning Bible verses and praise songs. And I get to spend much-needed time in the Word. So, yes, it’s definitely a win-win for us too! And sometimes Thomas, Curious George, or Clifford help me out so I can get supper made in peace. 😉 There’s definitely a thing as “too much” screen time, and when it gets to that point it gets turned off. But I am thankful for the good uses of technology for sure!

  2. I don’t limit my kids screen time. We don’t really do that as adults, so why do that to my kids? That said, they need balance in their lives just like adults do, and it’s my job to teach that to them. So there is no tv if they are acting like fools, if homework isn’t done or if they have chores that need to be done.

  3. My boys are 19, 22, and 30. You guys are being so hard on yourself. I agree that children shouldn’t be glued to the television all day long but some times that is okay. Quit beating yourselves up because in the long run, what really matters is that your kids are loved, have (some) manners, respect others and have been disciplined so that when they walk into the room, people aren’t trying to leave the area. Yeah, I’m related to some of them that act like that and it makes get togethers very stressful. Because let me tell you, if your child isn’t disciplined and won’t listen to you at 5, they’re not going to listen to you when they’re 15. Love on your kids ALOT, give yourselves room for not being perfect, and remember that this too shall pass and before you know it, they’ll be grown : ) It happens way too fast.

  4. Velda Sims says:

    I allow my 8 year old special needs child to play parking (car, bus, police car,etc) on am I pad with am app blocking everything else. He has to see me at all times, as long as he is close to me he will concentrate on the game.

  5. I have a toddler and a newborn. When my husband stays a bit later at work, I make something simple for my toddler – like chicken nuggets. I put on his favorite show and place a towel on the floor, and he gets to have a ‘picnic’ dinner. Then I can nurse our newborn in peace, for at least 5 – 10 minutes. We are, after all, in triage mode at the moment!

  6. My older kids are doing Reading Eggs on the computers and my three year old is watching Signing Time while I am enjoying a cup of coffee at 8 am. Book work part of school is going to have to wait until my cup is done!

  7. Eliazbeth C says:

    Breakfast and cartoons in the living room, every morning, while I get my coffee and Jesus time in the kitchen, for the win.

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