1. Oh Kayse this post resonated with me because I have a very strong-willed three year old who has brought me to the end of myself. His behavior has been HORRID and finally we broke down and put him in preschool because someone offered to pay for him to go. I have spent the last week in relief that I am going to get so much time AWAY from him and of course, that makes me feel a little bit like worst. mother. ever.

    Three is so so hard! Hang in there! You aren’t alone!

  2. Christina says:

    Going from one child to two was horribly hard for me. I loved my son more than words can express but I felt as if I had ruined my daughters life. I had very little patience for her spunky preschool self. She is now 15 and a few more kids later I wonder at times about that year her first brother was born. Did I scar her? Nah, I did my best at the time and kept getting better at the whole motherhood thing. If I can encourage you, breathe and get outside and even put on pretty things to remind yourself that you are a woman not just something everyone needs something from it may make the day a little easier to smile thru. As you said the days are loooong but the years they fly by. You got this!

  3. So well said. You touched my heart with this article. I think all mom’s everywhere feel this at some point in their lives. February is hard for us in Canada as it comes with lots of snow and very cold days, making it hard to get out of the house. It’s so true how time flies and I needed to be reminded of just how precious these young days are. Every moment is fleeting, thanks be to God for this wonderful life he has given all of us!

  4. Denise Reed-Greiner says:

    Sweet Kayse, Oh how I love to read your blog. I hear your heart. It brings me great joy to see the pictures of your little ones and to see you face in their sweet expressions. Be encouraged today. You are doing so many things right and though I know it never gets better, never completely goes away. . . the missing our mamas, I can only imagine your mom’s sweet smile as she watches over you and sees all that you have grown into and are becoming in Him. I know she is proud. I know that I was just your first grade teacher but every time I see your posts, my heart is brimming with pride and sheer joy! Keep up the good work!

  5. I have a daughter who will be 3 in 2 weeks and a son who will be 8 months in 8 days. I can relate to so much of what you shared. It is hard! I find myself struggling to find joy in all the silly arguments and stress of parenting. It takes constantly reminding myself that I will be wishing for these days before too long when they are all grown up and I just want my babies back!

  6. I hear you, February will never be the same for me either. This month I should have given birth to my daughter. Instead I will be remembering how she left us too soon, how I never got to hold her, and how God showed me wonder in the midst of loss. Here’s to the hard days.

    ~ Ferly
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  7. Beth Smart says:

    I love you and I adore these pictures! I do have one question for you: How did you crawl inside of my head and heart and so wonderfully put to words what I have thought and felt?

    Embracing it ALL! I love you…and you KNOW there are people down south that would LOVE to see you!!! 🙂

    1. I love you too! And you’d definitely be a stop down south. We miss you guys so much! But I especially miss YOU. 🙂

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