1. I’ve thought about the Movie Pass but just don’t think I’d use it enough. Looking forward to reading your thoughts if you take the leap.

  2. I love the idea of a favorites get-together with friends! My girls and I were just trying to brainstorm how to stay more connected (we literally spend time as a group once a year, at an overnight getaway)- this is a great mid-year gathering idea! Thanks so much! (And I’m with you- can’t wait to see The Greatest Showman. :))

  3. I love the idea of a “Favorites Party”! I think I might have to try that with my friends! Thank you for sharing that!

    My favorite book this month (so far) is: “Wounded” by Anne Graham Lotz
    Movie: Wonder (I’m a bit behind in watching it, I think.)
    Thing I Learned About: ProBlogger’s Start A Blog Course
    Recipe: Gluten-Free Lasagna

  4. My husband just got the moviepass recently and is loving it – it’s really simple to use. It takes a couple weeks to get it in the mail after purchasing it – just FYI in case there is a movie coming out that you want to start using it with. He was able to get his online through Costco (which we are not a member of – he just had to pay an extra $5 I think).

  5. Favorite Movie — The Greatest Showman. The Post was pretty good too.
    Favorite Recipe — Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole (slightly adapted) from the January Toolkit.
    Favorite Music & Favorite Thing Learned — Amazon Music STATIONS. Pick a favorite artist, and listen to music from them AND artists like them. No decision making required.

  6. A Home Education volume 1 by Charlotte Mason and the LibriVox app that read it to as an audio book for FREE!

  7. My favorite things right now are:
    Hint water
    And the invisible belt
    I also loved The Greatest Showman.

  8. Pam Groom says:

    If you get MoviePass, tell us what movies are worth seeing. I’d love know.

  9. I saw The Greatest Showman and loved it!

  10. Carleen Roberts says:

    My favorite Bible reading app is Read Scripture by The Bible Project and Crazy Love Ministries.

  11. Sherry Springer says:

    I like this idea! Keep it up!

  12. Love this! Recipe sounds wonderful! I am putting both books on my reading list and yes I have all of the Ptich Perfect movies on my list to watch – I haven’t seen any of them!

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