1. I haven’t read a Dani Pettrey in ages. Glad you liked this one! I should grab another one at the library sometime. I remember her plots being a bit predictable was why I stopped before, but maybe in smaller doses…?

  2. I would dearly love to have you do Courtney Joseph’s Women Living Well book as you Book of the month.
    I read it the first time in February. I am re-reading it again and doing her Bible study on it.
    It is one of the best books I have read.
    It is also one of those books one can discuss at length.
    Why we might love Courtney …we all have different approaches as to how we run our homes…..how we deal with sex….kids. etc. It would be fascinating to discuss these topics.
    We all have stories to tell.
    Plus, this book has been around long enough that many of us already have it and wouldn’t be out the expense of buying a new book.

    1. That’s our book choice for March! We’d love for you to join us!!

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