1. Anna Gresham says:

    I’m loving Risen Motherhood lately. One episode in particular about preaching the gospel to yourself was amazing. They’re short, but packed with encouragement and wisdom.

    I also love God-Centered Mom. She has some fascinating interviews. My husband and I recently listened to one in the car that she and her husband recorded together and even my husband liked it.

  2. Sarah Cummings says:

    I love listening to podcasts! I was always so aware of how much the TV was on in my home. Now I solely listen to podcasts and I feel so much better for it.

  3. Revive our hearts by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth! It is so focused on truth and it always leaves me inspired.

  4. I recently discovered Rachel Hollis. I love her RISE podcast as well as her RISE Together podcast she does with her husband, Dave.

  5. Revive Our Hearts is always my first listen. So much Biblical truth on a variety of topics. Always good!

    Also enjoying the HolderMess podcast from the Holderness family. They’re just funny yet thoughtful and honest about life.

  6. Oh my,do you really want my list? I LIVE on podcasts. They give my mind something to focus on while doing those boring tasks, just like you said. Plus!!! I’m learning SO MUCH. In an fav towards the top list….
    Uniquely woman
    The Bible Project
    Homemaking Foundations (jami balmet)
    Cultivating the Lovely
    The next right thing
    The lazy genius
    Pioneering today
    After class

    And I just found the Exploring my Strange Bible which is by the Bible Project guys. SO excited. I get so much more completed as I rarely watch television during the day anymore.

  7. A Slob Comes Clean for me and my kids love Paws and Tales.

  8. I want to start listening to ‘Best of both worlds’ with Laura Vanderkam. I’ve just finished her book ‘I know how she does it’ and it was fantastic!
    Another cute one I listen to is called ‘My open kitchen with Sophie Hansen and Skye Mansen. It is like a chat over a long lunch. They choose a variety of topics but they tend to stay around cooking, social media and successful business women from across the world. They are both mums and farmers. Its Australian and one of my favourites.

  9. Pam Groom says:

    Young House Love Has a Podcast is my favorite. It’s about DIY and home life. Fun hosts!

  10. Favorite podcast- living out loud with alley and Amanda

  11. Kari Compton says:

    I love The Lazy Genius anf The Next Right Thing! My all-time favorite though is Risen Motherhood. They apply the gospel to all the mundane mom stuff and it’s so, so good. They’re currently on summer break but I relisten to all the old episodes because the truth never changes! And for home systems I love A Slob Comes Clean. She is hilarious and her homemaking is so relateable!

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